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teebailey2007 asked: Best example of media bias currently is the beat down of the elderly Tulsa couple. (unsearchable) Here's a quote from Tulsa World newspaper:A 90-year-old man who was attacked in his home in March along with his 85-year-old wife died Friday morning, according to his family and Tulsa police. Bob and Nancy Strait were attacked in the 3300 block of East Virgin Street late March 13 or early the next day, police said. The Medical Examiner's Office will determine whether his death is a result of . . .

That story is so sad. It’s a shame that it did not receive the attention it would have had it been a black couple beaten,raped,and robbed by a white man.

Whenever a white harms a black it is national,even world news. The attacks on whites by blacks are largely unreported even by some local media outlets (Virginia couple beaten by mod of blacks and incident went unreported by the newspaper that they were both employed by).

It’s just crazy. Where’s the “equality” and “fairness”?

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teebailey2007 asked: A recent poll suggests that generally people don't know what their party stands for, or in some cases, who in the government belongs to which party. Unless, that is, they are constantly on television.

I believe that!

I bet those same people could tell you all about American Idol contestants though!

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So,What Are Your Saturday Plans?



Well, if you are a socialist,aka “progressive” tomorrow is probably a big day for you!

Happy Birthday Karl Marx- what would you give a person who said property is theft?

On the birthday of Karl Marx, President Momjeans “officially” starts his 2012 reelection campaign.

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Kill Whitey and Polar Bear Hunting (For Trayvon)

WND has been doing a thorough job covering “black on white” crime,and the failure of the MSM’s coverage. Many of these attacks have been,as admitted by attackers,a result of anger felt over Trayvon Martin’s death.

Despite having a president who promised to be a uniter,it seems racial relations continue to worsen.

Why are so many media outlets,the same ones that fight to be the first to report on stories when a minority is the victim, hiding from this?

Are they afraid that Al and Jesse will cry racism?  Do they really believe that American’s are weak minded enough to believe them if they did?

Yes,to both.

Al and Jesse use a passive form of manipulation to stir the stew whenever an opportunity arises,and by that I mean ‘whenever an incident has the right ingredients to cook up some good ol’ black anger,with a side of white guilt’.

Once the soup is on they can sit back and enjoy a heaping helping of  manufactured outrage,served with a wink and a nod by the mainstream media.

These race hustlers must continue to frame stories in a manner in which evil whites are taking advantage of blacks. These ideas play well with what many blacks already believe regarding whites. Which of course is that white people hate blacks and do not want to see them succeed. It is the fault of the evil white man stealing from blacks,and keeping them in a state of perpetual slavery.  In a sense they are correct,but the irony is that they blame the wrong whites.

It seems that blacks who vote democrat somehow overlook the racist history of their party of choice. History has been rewritten to somehow prove that today’s democrats aren’t the same as the KKK democrats that tormented the black community. “Those people became republicans!” they say. I’m not sure how they swallow that given that as recently as 2010 democrats celebrated the life’s work of Robert Byrd at his funeral. Bill Clinton helped explain away Byrd’s racist roots by explaining how Byrd had to become a member of the KKK to get elected.

With so many incidents of black on white crime occurring one has to wonder when President Obama will come forward to support the white victims as he did for Trayvon?

When will he tell the world that if he had a son he would look like the criminals committing hate crimes against whites.

No,no,no,no, that will never happen. Primarily because as we all know,black people cannot be racist.

It is going to be a long hot summer.  Keep your guard up.